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GenNET Online Learning FAQs

Q. What is GenNET Online Learning?

A. GenNET Online Learning provides students in grades K-12 with a wide variety of online courses that have been vetted for quality and rigor. All courses are aligned to Michigan standards, and are offered at a discount on the GenNET portal. Options include advanced placement, core courses, electives, credit recovery, dual enrollment, and blended learning.

Q. What computer skills do students need?

A. Students should have basic computer skills (using a keyboard and mouse, sending and receiving email, working with Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer or Google, etc.).

Q. Who can enroll students in courses?

A. School staff can request a free account for the GenNET Portal, and will then have a secure login to enroll students. Parents and students do not have access to the enrollment portion of the GenNET Portal, and should contact their school counselor or administrator if they are interested in taking courses offered via GenNET.

Q. What courses are currently available for enrollment?

A. Check out our online course catalogs to see the course options (over 2,500 courses).

Q. What type of student takes online courses?

A. Online courses have been found to be a particularly valuable option for the following:

  • Students interested in dual enrollment
  • Self-directed students
  • Gifted or advanced students in need of expanded educational offerings
  • Homebound students
  • Traveling athletes
  • Students needing credit recovery to complete graduation requirements
  • Students interested in electives and other course options not available at their local school
  • Expelled students

Q. What is included in the online courses?

A. Online courses are self-contained and include videos, online assessments, and resources such as e-texts. Students use email and course-specific discussion boards to communicate with their teacher and other students. Each course includes a guide with a course overview, objectives, and grading details. Most courses include a pacing guide.

Q. What kind of technical support is provided?

A. GenNET staff assist with all aspects of using the GenNET Portal and processing enrollments. Each course provider offers technical support via phone and email for any issues relating to course access, login issues, and everything related to the courses.

Q. Why is a mentor required for all courses?

A. Mentors are required for all online courses (please refer to the Michigan Pupil Accounting Manual for specific details and rules for mentors).  Mentors monitor student progress, serve as a liaison between the online teacher and the student’s school, receive progress reports and final grades from the course provider, and assist students as needed.

Q. Are students required to take exams/quizzes in a proctored environment?

A. Some providers require students to take exams in a proctored environment, and others simply recommend a proctored environment. In many cases the student’s mentor is given exam codes and they determine the process for student assessments. GenNET staff can answer specific questions about each course provider’s details.

Q. Who grants credit?

A. Final grades for online courses are provided as a percentage score, and the student’s school district grants credit for each course based on their grading policy as approved by their Board of Education.

Q. How do students get a username and password for the courses?

A. Student receive login credentials via email once their course enrollment has been processed, and can log in to their courses via the course provider’s secure website.

Q. Can school staff preview a course before enrolling?

A. Yes!  School staff can request course demos and review courses before enrolling their students. Our course providers grant temporary access to courses for this purpose. Please contact GenNET staff for details.

Q. Are GenNET Online courses 21F (5-O-D) compliant?

A. We work with our course providers to ensure all eligible courses are listed in the State catalog (, and all 21F-compliant courses will be noted on our Portal so school staff can enroll their students in these courses without the added step of verifying them on the State catalog. Courses without a Michigan certified teacher will also be offered on the GenNET Portal, but schools will need to include a Teacher of Record for these courses in order to be 21F compliant.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Q. Do you have courses for educators?

A. We have a professional development portal, where educators can purchase PD subscriptions for a nominal fee. Please visit our PD portal at, and click on “Solutions for Educators” (top of the page) and then “Subscription Options.” If you have questions about our PD options, please contact us at (888) 364-5409.

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