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Online Learning Student Profile

Is online learning for me?
Students who have success in online learning are usually:
  • Self motivated
  • Self disciplined
  • Independent learners
  • Strong written communicators
  • Internet and computer literate
  • Problem solvers

Successful AP student profile ...
Students who are successful in online AP courses:

  • Must be willing to take responsibility for their own progress
  • Have a high level of discipline and self-motivation
  • Have exemplary writing and communication skills
  • Ability to critically analyze and discuss issues
  • Are Internet and computer literate
  • Are problem solvers

Do you have to be a computer expert to take online courses?
No. All you need to know is how to:

  • Use a mouse and keyboard
  • Launch a browser
  • Get online to the Internet
  • Send and receive e-mail
  • Open, close and save files

Are online courses easy?
No. Web-based instruction is very challenging and time intensive. Students should expect to spend more time on these courses than on their regular classes.

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