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GenNET ITV (Interactive Television) Shared Distance Learning Courses

GenNET shared distance learning courses are available to high school and middle school students across Michigan. Instruction is provided to students using two-way interactive television (ITV) sites located in schools. Videoconferencing technology allows students and instructors to interact in a dynamic classroom environment that enhances learning.

Examples of GenNET ITV courses:

  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Advanced Music Theory
  • American Sign Language I, II and III
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • AP Government
  • AP Biology
  • Astronomy I
  • Child Development
  • Chinese (Mandrin)
  • High School Calculus I
  • College-Level Calculus II and III
  • Criminal Justice
  • German I
  • Holocaust Studies
  • Intro to Music History
  • Japanese I and II
  • Meteorology
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trigonometry
  • Wars

For continuous and current ITV updates and access to enrollment documents and schedules, visit our GenNET ITV Course Updates site.

GenNET ITV benefits for learners:

  • Students are able to take classes that are not offered in their home school curriculum.
  • High school students can also take higher education courses offered by Flint-Area colleges and universities.
  • Students throughout the state can share the experience of highly qualified, fully certified teachers and college-level instructors.
  • Shared ITV courses qualify as an "online learning experience" credit for graduation.
  • Students experience and learn first-hand new communication techniques to qualify them for future employment.
  • Students have the opportunity to interact with and make new friends and colleagues throughout the State of Michigan.

For More Information

Students should contact the counselor or principal at their school. School principals or counselors should contact Martin Jennings in the GenNET Office at (810) 591-4436, or write to


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